Quality, safety and the environment are essential values in our culture. Our management system guarantees strategic factors.


Muelles y Ballestas Hispano Alemanas is committed to designing and manufacturing leaf springs that meet the requirements and expectations of its customers and society as a whole to consolidate its position in the international market as one of the most competitive alternatives in terms of quality, price and supply.

Our design and manufacturing process is developed and applied taking into account product safety and the minimisation of potential hazards for employees, customers, users and the environment.

To achieve the above, we work on a daily basis in a process to continuously improve:

I. Quality in human and material resources management.

II. Customer service quality.

III. Product quality.

IV. Costs and technology.

This process of continuous improvement is achieved on the basis of specific improvement targets in each of the aforementioned areas, monitoring their evolution and any deviations and their causes. This enables us to apply the necessary corrective and preventive measures to make sure we reach our targets.

For this goal, we count on the collaboration of every employee at the Company, at the head of which I work as Chief Executive Officer and the person ultimately responsible for achieving said targets.

This total collaboration of MBHA´s workers has not appeared spontaneously, but rather is the fruit of information obtained about the situation of the sector, the new requirements of the industry and their fundamental role for achieving the targets we have set.

Miguel Ruiz



MUELLES Y BALLESTAS HISPANO-ALEMANAS is dedicated to the manufacture of leaf springs for the automotive industry and has defined the action criteria for minimising the environmental impact caused by its business.

Accordingly, it undertakes to incorporate the following principles:

• Commitment to environmental protection by establishing and reviewing targets for the continuous improvement of our environmental aspects, with special emphasis on atmospheric emissions and waste, to prevent pollution and protect our environment, developing an environmental management programme.

• Commitment to compliance with environmental legislation applicable to our company.

• Distribution of the company's environmental policy among our staff and those working on our behalf.

• Ensure that the company's environmental policy is available to the public and is kept up to date.

Management is committed to creating a culture for the development and maintenance of the system and will provide the resources required for said purpose.

Miguel Ruiz


Health and

Safety is a priority at MBHA and that is why we put all the means at our disposal to avoid any type of incident and ensure a safe and healthy work environment for our workers.

We also aim to extend this premise to all those who collaborate with and participate in our organisation, such as suppliers, contractors, customers and visitors, etc. This commitment is included in our health and safety policy.

The company considers occupational health and safety as one of its main objectives, comparable with productivity, service quality and profitability.

We will make every effort to reduce the occurrence of occupational accidents and diseases and improve working conditions.

The company will ensure compliance with current legislation on the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases and the improvement of working conditions.

All employers are responsible for the occupational health and safety of their workers and must therefore be familiar with and enforce all the regulations on prevention that govern the work they do. The primary preventive action will always be to avoid hazards and deal with them at source.

Every effort must be made to adapt the work to the person.

The evolution of the state-of-the-art must be taken into account at all times.

The aim will be to reduce or remove hazards. Individual protection will always be the last resort and priority will be given to collective protection measures whenever technically and reasonably possible.

Workers and/or their representatives will be duly informed and instructed about the rules and preventive measures applicable to their work and will participate in all matters affecting occupational health and safety.

With regard to working conditions related to psychosocial aspects, company management will proceed accordingly to establish good human relations that contribute to a good psychosocial climate.

With regard to occupational ergonomics, the company, supported by the workers and advised by its prevention specialists, will analyse the tasks, tools and production methods associated with the job in question to avoid accidents and work pathologies, reduce physical and/or mental fatigue and increase the level of worker satisfaction and performance.

Miguel Ruiz


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