Since 1963, the name of MBHA has been synonymous with the development and production of high-quality leaf springs for a variety of sectors.

Thanks to the excellent work of all the people who have worked with us over the years and do so today, MBHA currently leads a market-reference group of companies. At MBHA, the head office in Spain, and the other companies in the group (BALDUR, MBHA Projects and ZIUR Composites), we cooperate closely with leading manufacturers in the automotive industry as a development supplier, especially in light and heavy trucks.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to design, produce and market transport suspension parts as leaders in development, quality and productivity through all our employees' involvement and excellence and our customers' satisfaction.

We seek to be global leader in lightweight solutions for our customers through technological development and respect for the environment, creating sustainable value for our customers, employees and environment.


Customer focus and innovation:

We aim to focus our efforts on customer satisfaction, knowing what adds value for them and concentrating on providing them with that value in everything we do and, in particular, anticipating their needs by supplying them with innovation.


We focus on results; our targets are business efficiency and profitability.


We make the efforts required to achieve our goals. We believe that commitment, perseverance, optimism, discipline, self-improvement and service are the keys to success.


We adapt to our customers' needs and requirements and guarantee the highest levels of quality in the design and development, production and delivery of our products.

Experience and continuous improvement:

We seek excellence through continuous improvement as a future guarantee and, at the same time, we honour our past and experience by applying the know-how we have acquired.


We foster participation throughout the company, sharing efforts and know-how to achieve one common goal. Without teamwork, there is no success.

Ethical conduct:

We offer and demand professional ethics, moral integrity, loyalty, honesty, respect for governing laws and regulations and company principles, policies and standards.

Cultural diversity:

We strive to be part of the cultures and traditions of the countries in which we do business while remaining faithful to our values and principles as company.

Corporate social responsibility:

As part of the society in which we live and carry on our business, we consider it fundamental to show support for and solidarity with the community.

Health and safety:

We foster a culture of prevention in which we perform critical analyses of the design of our products and production processes to ensure occupational health and safety for our workers and supply our customers with safe products that help improve transport safety.


We adapt our business strategies to protect the environment, minimising the environmental impact of our business and supplying our customers with products that help reduce emissions in transport.

Production Centres

Through the continuous improvement of our processes and facilities, our production centres guarantee the highest levels of flexibility, reliability, quality and profitability.


Production centre in Castellón (SPAIN)


Production centre in Gebce (Turkey)


Production centre in Castellón (SPAIN)

R&D Centres

We develop advanced technology projects from product and process design to the approval of products by our in-house R&D team.

We promote research, development and innovation to find new technological solutions to improve our know-how on a continuous basis. Over 50 years in the sector and the know-how acquired by our engineers means we can propose the best solutions. We also pioneer solutions of high technological value and manufacture all kinds of prototypes for our customers.


Through its R&D department, MBHA Projects offers customers the possibility of participating in the design and subsequent development of all types of leaf springs and other parts.

The use of CAD tools and the subsequent finite element analysis of the leaf spring installation allow us to optimise their designs.

In addition, collaboration with our raw material suppliers provides us with steels capable of withstanding greater tension.


High-technology products such as those designed by MBHA Projects require cutting-edge technological processes.

Our engineering department works constantly on the evolution of our productive processes for stricter control. This allows us to obtain products that satisfy our customers' increasing demands based on our extensive experience in the sector.


MBHA Projects has the resources required to test and approve the products it designs and manufactures, ensuring compliance with customer requirements.

All MBHA´s certificates are available in the Downloads section of this website.


MBHA Projects has a division specialised in the design and development of parts made of composite materials. Our goal is to meet our industrial customers' requirements by developing lightweight structural solutions for the automotive sector.

This specialised division covers all phases of the industrial process for the development of prototypes and mass production, completing each and every stage of the industrial process on our facilities.

Proposals for improvement or the replacement of parts, the selection of materials, design, finite element calculations, manufacture of prototypes, testing according to customer requirements, quality assurance and logistics, etc.

Code of Ethics

The aim of our code of ethics is to establish the values behind the conduct of all our employees and managers.

This culture stands as a guide for relations among employees and their relationships with the company's suppliers, customers, partners, competitors, public administrations, other external collaborators and any other person with whom they interact during their work.

Our code of ethics applies to all our employees and to any person or entity acting in the name or on behalf of MBHA or its subsidiaries in any country.

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