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To maintain our position as leader, we look for people who like challenges, have a vision of the future, focus on continuous improvement and generate innovation and creativity.

Our Human Resources

We believe in people. At MBHA, the driving force behind our company starts with each of our workers. Our team members are the real protagonists of our success.

Our human resources model is focused on offering stable, quality jobs.

This model is a commitment to the individual, a commitment to the entire human team, and the return is a responsible, professional approach to work and commitment to the projects we develop.

One of the pillars of our human resources policy is the management of a global human capital made up of men and women of different ages and different origins, but all forming one single team in which the same values prevail based on one common denominator: passion for what we do.


We like people who believe there is always more to learn.

Our training plans are tailored to the specific needs of each of our employees. We see staff training as key to our business, based on a model that requires constant innovation and teamwork.

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