Caixabank Premio Mujer Empresaria

MBHA Group participates in the Women Businesswoman Awards organized by CaixaBank with the presence of Cristina Ruiz, director and board member of MBHA Group and previous winner of these awards.

On the occasion of the ‘CaixaBank Businesswoman Awards’, our director and board member Cristina Ruiz, winner in 2020, recently participated on behalf of the MBHA Group in a packed agenda where networking, culture, and business went hand in hand. 50 businesswomen with the will, vision, and capacity to generate a positive impact and contribute to equity and inclusion, contributing to the development and leadership of women in business.

Through an inspiring day in which current issues such as female empowerment, the importance of resilience, and the need to bet on projects and companies with purpose –all of them key values for the entire MBHA Group– the participants had the pleasure of sharing experiences and connecting with other executives of the Spanish business network.