An increasingly connected world: the evolution of a sector, transportation, and its importance in building a more united and connected society.

Nowadays, we can fly halfway around the world in twelve hours and receive an order from Asia or North America in two days, but none of this would be possible without the development of two critical industries in our system: freight transportation and the automotive industry, which serve as the fundamental gears of our society.

When the Han Dynasty established the Silk Road in 130 AD, they were probably unaware that it would result in the greatest revolution in transportation history until the advent of globalization in 1492. However, it was not until the nineteenth century, with the invention of the locomotive, automobile, and airplane, that our world began to shrink for the first time.

Thus, we progressed from centuries to decades, from decades to weeks, and from weeks to hours, the transformational process unabated. What were once merchants and traders in small carts and horses transformed into large airplanes, ships, trains, and trucks that connected over six billion people. A democratization of land, air, and communication that is reshaping how we interact and evolve as a civilization.

A new world without boundaries, a world connected by new routes that link continents and civilizations.

The automotive and freight transportation sectors are critical to this paradoxical dynamic of a world that is larger and more populated, but also smaller and closer. An industry that is always evolving and advancing at lightning speed, defining both today’s cities and new ways of doing business and living, contributing to the world’s rapid globalization and cultural exchange.

At MBHA, we help shape that revolution by bringing our innovation in all matters related to transportation suspension, thanks to our more than 55 years of experience in the industry, as a Tier 1 premium partner of the world’s leading automotive brands.


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